Three weeks…?

Greetings fellow Baymen & Happy Spring!

This little bit of snow is melting nicely and should be completely gone in a few days. Yesterday’s six footers layed down and the bay was pretty flat this am. What a difference a day makes.

So, what do you think? First schoolies will make a showing in the bay on a tide or two in three more weeks? Maybe… I always like to stick with my May 15th date for a sure thing. But as I mentioned in posts from previous years, we sometimes get a ball of early fish in the bay for one or two tides. Timing is everything, but it is always exciting to catch fish in numbers the end of April!

Gear is all rigged, boat is all tuned up, May/June/July/September are all booked up. Several days still available in August for this season. I will be on the bay next week (weather permitting) doing shakedown runs. Check back for updates as “The Season” is just about here…!

Tight Lines – soon…

Capt. Dave,



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