27 Fish

On board today, I had Richard Bowman for Light Tackle striped bass! Gorgeous morning, flat-calm almost the whole time. At first light, we were into topwater fish with a handful of boats in the Cow Yard. Then, a major blitz … Continue reading

75 Fish

The days are starting to all run together and I am behind in my Baymen Reports… Tomorrow is the 1st of July and after charter, I am officially on vacation! Where am I going? I am going fishing of course! … Continue reading

19 Fish

   On board today I had Tom Bullock’s Nephew Dan McGee, Dan’s wife Marla, their son, Ameer, and Tom’s friend, John Wolff, for light tackle striped Bass. Tom could not go with us today, but met everyone at the dock … Continue reading

13 Fish, 1 Captain

   On board this am I had repeat clients, Gary Condon, Kevin Erickson, and Matt Daley for LT striped bass. We figured out today that Gary and Crew have been fishing with me for FIFTEEN years! My, how time flies… … Continue reading

201 Fish – New Boat Record!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 About every ten to fifteen years, everything comes together perfectly on the bay and something spectacular happens! Today, I had repeat clients Frank Harrington of Stow, Ken Hartshorn of Marlboro, and Frank’s two sons: Gregory from … Continue reading

43 Fish

On board today, Gary Condon, CEO, Affordable Closet Systems and his friend, Greg, for LT striped bass. Gary & Co. has been fishing with me for many years. At first light, we found fish stacked on a very fast moving … Continue reading

16 Fish

  On board today I had new client, Chad Bennett and his Dad, Bob, for light tackle striped bass. Lovely sunrise and at first light we found a small school of fish under a handful of birds in the middle … Continue reading

50 Fish

We turned the bay upside down today and boated 50 fish, all shorts, to 27.5″ inches. On board I had repeat clients, Frank Harrington, Frank Jr., Ken Hartshorne and Brian, for light tackle striped bass. The crew worked hard non-stop … Continue reading

25 Fish

   On board today, I had repeat client, Pete Gaudette for light tackle striped bass. Pete was a regular at The Baymen Fishing Club and Baymen Fly Tying Club back in the day when those clubs were running in town. … Continue reading

31 Fish

  On board today I had repeat client, Dick Bowman for light tackle striped bass. At first light, it was blowing and raining NNE and it never let up all morning. But there was a small quantity of bass in … Continue reading