20 Fish, 2 Keepahs

On board this morning I had regular client, Billy Tedeschi, for LT tackle and live bait striped bass fishing. It was flat calm all morning on the bay and picture perfect on a rising tide. At first light, we met … Continue reading

23 fish, 1 gull

On board Friday I had repeat client, Gary Condon, Matt “Wampum” Daly & Crew for LT striped bass. At first light the North winds started to kick in. For the first hour, we got into decent topwater action with a … Continue reading

43 Fish – Major Blitz!

On board today I had Kris Meyer, and Noah Lydiard for light tackle striped bass. What a morning! At first light, it was slack low tide and not a disturbance on the bay. Heavy downpours had just ended, and the … Continue reading

18 Fish, 1 Keepah

On board today, I had repeat client, Billy Tedeschi, for LT and chunk mack striper. At first light, the bay was lit up like the “old days.” Tons of small fish on topwater smashing bait. Mutliple schools of fish. I … Continue reading

9, 21,27 – 2 Keepers

“Time and tide wait for no man, and lo – the bird is on the wing!” This was on my aunts wall when I was growing up and I never understood it as a kid. Lucky me. But let me … Continue reading

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Tackle & Techniques

Here are some tips on some of my tackle and techniques I use on the bay for striped bass… – Capt. Dave … Continue reading

5 runs, 1 Keepah

On board today, I had repeat client, Billy Tedeschi, for live bait/chunking striped bass. At first light, it was dead calm with a stunning sunrise. We ran offshore to jig for macks and found none at 45,60,70 and 80 feet. … Continue reading

82 Fish

On board today, I had repeat client, Dick Watson & Company, for LT striped bass. The bay was dead-calm all morning with a very light east wind. The morning bite was lit up with very small fish. We worked a … Continue reading

42 Striped Bass

On board this AM I had long time clients and friends, Gary Condon of Affordable Closet Systems; Kevin Erickson of Erickson Enterprises; Matt “Wompum” Daly, and Adam for light tackle striped bass. Cold NW winds all morning up and down, … Continue reading