“When the peepers sing, schoolies are three weeks away,
when the dandylions bloom, schoolies are in the bay;
when the lilacs bloom, welcome the cow bass of May.”
– Capt. Dave, BAYMEN Charters

Well, fellow Baymen, its all about to begin! “Hold-overs” are active on the Cape and anglers are looking for their first schoolie of the season in Baymen Land. A fellow angler has offered me $100 bucks if I can show him a schoolie covered in sealice this week from our bay! How can a Baymen refuse that kind of offer? Watch for photo…

Yesterday and today I have been putting a new coat of paint on The BAYMEN. She is looking pretty and ready for the season. I continue to work on the gear (it never ends) to fine tune what I will be fishing with this season. I like to keep my clients favorites on board and also a few of mine such as Baymen Jigs tied by Jecks Bucktails, rubber cranks in arkansas shiner and pearl, top-water poppers like Chug Bugs, Gagg’s Grabbers, Super Spooks in bone and herring, some custom wooden plugs, Fin-S, Sluggos, Sabiki rigs, diamond jigs, Baymen Universal droppers… Well, the list is long but thats a few things that will be in the box this season!

I stopped down the marina and they are in full-blitz boating season mode. Things getting crazy at all the shops and everybody is looking forward to a great spring,summer and fall on the bay.

Good luck in search of your first schoolie and your first keeper. Keep an eye on the Canal. Keepers are generally in the ditch about three weeks before we get them in our bay. Why, I don’t know since we are only 14 miles north. And also here is a tip: fish the mouths of streams/rivers first. Thats where some of the big fish will be chasing the river herring heading up to freshwater to spawn.

Stay Posted and call or e-mail if you want to fish with me in 2017 or the 2018 season!

Capt. Dave

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