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A pair of Capt. Dave’s Baymen Universals


Greetings fellow BAYMEN!

As we head into Spring on the fast track this week, temps will be going up and down the spring weather scale and we will see 60 and 70 degree days!

I am tying like a madman for my charters, all the SW gear and FW gear is rigged out and the boat gets tuned up with week. Hopefully, I will be on the bay doing shakedown cruises within the week.

CHARTER DATES – I have two dates left for September 2016! Call me or e-mail me ASAP if you want to fish the fall run. I do have a lot of dates still available for the dog-days of August. Fishing can be great and the blues keep things interesting – especially on light tackle or fly gear! May/June/July is booked solid for 2016 and I am booking those months for 2017 right now.  I am blessed by God to be booking 1-1 1/2 years in advance after guiding for 23 years on the bay.

Enjoy the spring weather, dust off your gear, tie up some flies or buy that magic lure and head for the water. Trout in another week or so, maybe some flounder, and then – STRIPERS……. for six solid months!

Tight Lines & Stay Posted:

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Capt. Dave



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