Rabbit Hunt

Had a fun rabbit hunt this week with Brad and Jacob, chasing cottontails with my ten-year-old beagle pup, Daisy-Mae. Daisy comes from the Hockomock Swamp Beagle line and she is still a top dog after ten seasons. A little slower but her nose and passion for the chase is as good as ever.

We hunted a local cover today that still had some rabbits this late in the season. We saw hawks, fox tracks and I know there were yotes in the area as well. These late season rabbits are very, very smart when it comes to predators and they are the ones that keep the gene pool so healthy.

We had a total of three jumps for the morning and kicked up a fourth. We potted one very fast bunny that gave the pup an excellent chase! Instead of the usual one-hundred-yard circles through cover, this rabbit jumped by Daisy made a 400+ yard straight line through woods. Then is crossed a dirt road, jumped into a bog and ran a straight line back 400+ yards from where the pup jumped it up. We had a hunter in the right spot and he made a superb 50 yard shot with his 16 gauge modified choke and #4 shot.

A great morning in the woods chasing bunnies. I have a few more dates still open. E-mail for dates if you’d like to get out.

Good Hunting!

Capt. Dave, BAYMEN

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