Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful fall season as fishing season is being wrapped up and boats are being hauled out and put into winter storage :o( So hard to let “the season” go but it is time…

We had a final blitz inside the bay about the 13th of November. As many of you know, the bay was thick with macks and pogies for about a week with no fish on them. Then, a late season school of blues came into the bay with some late season stripers. They found the bait and they totally destroyed them! The next morning, the shoreline was covered in dead mack and pogy – all with bites taken out of them. Somebody was “in the know” because there was a filleted keeper striped bass laying with them. Many thanks to Baymen Moe for relaying this info, as I was up north at the time chasing a giant ten point buck that alluded me.


The leaves are dropping and soon the trees will be bare. Snows will come and with them, the cold months of winter. I have found the secret to staying warm while sitting on a deer stand or duck blind: start your day warm and wear the best base layer you can buy. These two things will extend your outdoor time in winter by many hours.

I liked to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. It is always so wonderful to have everyone under one roof for an evening or entire week. Enjoy the great food and frienship and may God bless our families and may God bless our great country.

Tight Lines & Happy Hunting.

Capt. Dave

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