Happy Spring!

Well, it’s finally here – Spring has arrived in Baymen Land!

This is always a very exciting time of year as we are only four weeks away from landing the first striped bass of the season in our bay. It always starts with a straggler or two, followed by a half-dozen or more. Then, some years in mid-late April a big school of bass invades the bay for one tide! Then, quiet again for a few days… Then another school shows for a tide and then more and more schools in and out until finally about May 15th – Spring Blitz is in full swing! Thousands of fish are moving in and out of the bay with the tides and BAYMEN is moving with them daily!

So, here’s to bye-bye winter and HELLO….Spring! If you have booked with me for 2017 or 2018, I am so looking forward to fishing with you! If you have not booked yet – better not wait any longer. I am already turning people away that don’t know I book 1-2 two years in advance for prime dates.

Get your Costas on, it’s gonna be a great season on the bay starting very soon…!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave

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