Skunked Friday, Rained Out Sat.

On board Friday I had good friend and client, Richard Comstock for fly only striped bass. If you have been following my reports, you know it has been very, very slow to start. Today was no different. We had wicked SE winds all morning and no fish were in the bay too speak of. We did hook up on two fish and dropped them both. They were very gentle takes, hitting an olive/white clouser. We fished wighted flies to get down below the nasty 2-3 foot chop.




Saturday, we got rained out the first part of the morning. I had hoped fish would show when the winds layed down nice, but I glassed the entire bay and no top-water bite in sight That said, Saturday night and Sunday may see some decent schools of fish move into the bay. Lets hope so! The Spring run of stripers is the slowest I have seen in 21 years of guiding on our bay.



Stay posted. Shoot me an e-mail if you are hooking up. Happy to post any fish pics you e-mail to me this season, as well.


Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave

Rental Home Needed

A good friend of mine sold his house and is looking for a local rental for he and the family. If you have a home for rent or know somebody that does in the Duxbury or surrounding area, shoot me an e-mail or give me a buzz. Thanks for your help!

Capt. Dave

NE Winds & Chop – No fish inside today

On board today, I had one of my regulars, Joe McPherson of Tight Line Corp. for LT striped bass. Joe has been fishing with me for many years. Yesterday, temps were 80’s and rumors of schoolies were flying around. Overnight, the winds turned NE and it was cold and windy by morning. We ran out anyway, hoping for some top-water action or a few fish on structure on the incoming tide. We hit two prime incoming tide spots wihtout a bump. Pretty snotty out there in the NE, so after two hours, we decided to call the trip and head in. Back out on a better day!





We continue to work on the business end of launching The Baymen Life. Tons of hours and lots of hard work sitting in the office, talking on the phone, and going to meetings, and writing proposals. But we know it will all pay off. I can not thank all the people that stop me every day to say how much they enjoy our show clips and trailers on this site and on social media, and to tell me they can’t wait to watch us on the networks each week. This afternoon, I was working on my boat at the harbor, and a gentleman drove past and waved. He went up the road, turned around, and came back to tell me he loves the show clips and the Baymen Reports and to keep pounding away, without let-up. I assured him, that has been our MO all along and soon The Baymen Life with Capt. Dave will be on TV. He gave me some very encouraging parting words and continued on his drive. Thanks so much!



Reports of schoolies north of us and south of us, on the outside. One report of schoolies up by the PPB yesterday. Macks reported off Barnstable harbor. They were out front off Gurnet for a day, but dissapeared. They will be back. They have not missed a year since I was born, and probably haven’t since the beginning of time. A few more days, a few more warm days, and it will be game on. Keep your gear handy.


Capt. Dave

14 Fish on the fly

Who fished this weekend? Who got into fish? High Rod reports NO macks out front today. I did get one report of decent macks off Barnstable. No word of any striped bass caught over the weekend. If you hooked up, shoot me an e-mail.


I fished this evening in the fw with the long rod. 14 fish on the fly, including largemouth, bluegill, pumpkinseed, pickerel, and black calico. A very relaxing and enjoyable evening on the pond.

I will be chasing stripers from here on out, right into July. Stay posted:

Tight Lines & Good Fishing,

Capt. Dave

Freshwater Fishing

Spent the morning with John Ippolito fishing freshwater. We boated pickerel aka “gators”, largemouth, calico and yellow perch. Lovely morning on the pond while we await the stripers to fill the bay… FYI – the bay was stacked up with herring this am, but not bass. Any tide now, it could all explode! Stay posted & Happy Weekend!



Capt. Dave
The Baymen Life

Lovely This Morning, Still No Fish Yet…




I ran the bay again this morning in search of the first big schools of bass. Nothing inside to speak of. That said, friends have landed fish from Plymouth to Cohasset this week, including one keepah! All small fish. I could not get a bump this am. But there were birds working spotty schools of bait, so it is just a matter of a few more tides… Stay posted, and let me know how you are doing.

Capt. Dave

Big Bass Trick

Linking this short post from one of my FB pages, Baymen Guide Service, Inc. Baymen Charters. Head over there and give this page a LIKE. – Capt. Dave


yi – one of my secrets to big fish or bigger fish over the past 20+ years of guiding, is 5″ inch white saddle hackles tied into the rear hook of my top-water poppers. For those of you that have fished with me and caught bass over 40″ inches using this technique (Al Uhler, Kevin Erickson are two that come to mind pretty quick) you know how deadly it can be. The down side is the feathers get matted pretty quickly and need to be replaced frequently if you fish hard like I do. I tie my own to get exactly the right “fluff” that works best on big bass. – Capt. Dave

Nothing Yet…

I ran recon this morning over the entire bay. Duxbury to Kingston to Plymouth to Browns, to Gurnet. No bait, no bass, but lots of skinny birds…! Water temps mid 40’s to 51 degrees depending on where you are on the bay. Macks are being reported offshore from East end of the ditch to Gurnet. I imagine they are off scituate as well. A couple of good hot days, and we should start to see some fish moving. We are locked and loaded and chomping at the bit.

If you are on the water on the South Shore or Cape, shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you are seeing.

Soon….Stay posted:

Capt. Dave



Happy May from Capt. Dave & The Baymen Life!

Who’s fishing already? I got good news for those of you heading out this weekend: Schoolies are in the bay – Shhhhhhhhhhhh…. Well, it is MAY!

The  Baymen Carolina Skiff is ready for action. Doing a little touch-up this weekend and will add new cooler seats if we can find a sponsor that wants to see their coolers on TV, on our FB pages, on our website, and all over social media. I’ll even wear their T-shirt!

I have been so busy with marketing this Spring for our TV show, it has cut into my fw fishing and put me behind in my SW fishing. Next we start fishing in ernest and have charters absolutely stacked up for nearly six solid months! It is going to be a great season on the water and I can not wait to land the first keeper and fire up the grill!

I hope you all had a great winter and are enjoying the Spring time! I just picked flowers for a few pretty girls and now its time to get ready for the Bruins vs Habs at Boston Gahden. Go B’s!

We have a sick amount of tackle for this season, the weather is looking awesome, and schoolies are here and getting thicker every week. I finally got my camera and I PROMISE to start posting up lots of photos in every Baymen Report starting with the next one.

Tight Lines and see you around town and on the water!


Capt. Dave, BAYMEN

PS – If you’d like a Baymen Life T-shirt to kick off your season, shoot me an e-mail.

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