Rigging, Tying & Tuning

A pair of Capt. Dave’s Baymen Universals


Greetings fellow BAYMEN!

As we head into Spring on the fast track this week, temps will be going up and down the spring weather scale and we will see 60 and 70 degree days!

I am tying like a madman for my charters, all the SW gear and FW gear is rigged out and the boat gets tuned up with week. Hopefully, I will be on the bay doing shakedown cruises within the week.

CHARTER DATES – I have two dates left for September 2016! Call me or e-mail me ASAP if you want to fish the fall run. I do have a lot of dates still available for the dog-days of August. Fishing can be great and the blues keep things interesting – especially on light tackle or fly gear! May/June/July is booked solid for 2016 and I am booking those months for 2017 right now.  I am blessed by God to be booking 1-1 1/2 years in advance after guiding for 23 years on the bay.

Enjoy the spring weather, dust off your gear, tie up some flies or buy that magic lure and head for the water. Trout in another week or so, maybe some flounder, and then – STRIPERS……. for six solid months!

Tight Lines & Stay Posted:


Capt. Dave



Almost Spring….

Greetings from Capt. Dave & Baymen Guide Service, Inc.

Here we are in the home stretch, heading right into spring! Awesome, mild winter in Baymen Land and I am not complaining.

Remember last winter? Who could forget. Remember the blizzard a couple years back and we all lost power? The Baymen made a fire and slept in front of it for a week! How about the year it snowed every day and we all ran out of places to put the snow? Remember the big one in Baymen Land in 78′ ? How about the one on March 11, 1888??? You may gather that I stopped believing in Al’ great global warming thing about the time I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Al’s countdown clock has expired, his bank account is bulging, the earth is still here and I’m ready to start striper fishing! How about you?

The boat will be getting its annual shake-down in a few weeks (weather permitting), the new reels and rods and tackle are getting matched up, spooled up, and rigged out for the arrival of the first striped bass [late April] (remember that one, my fly fishing friend from CA?). I told him “no chance” but he he wanted to go anyway just to get out on the bay. We got into a three acre school of keeper striped bass on the fly, for three solid hours! God heard my prayers and I will never forget that late April 2012 morning on the bay…

Typically, we try to land our first schoolie of the season by April 15th – and we have done it or some other local angler has, as far back as I can remember. It is usually a little “rat” about 18″ inches or so. Just one fish for the first few weeks. Then two or three until about mid-May. Then – lookout! The blitz can start at any moment and it is game on right into October!

So, four more weeks of winter and then its over. Ahhhh… Spring! I am looking forward to daffodils, spring peepers, flocks or red-wing blackbirds, dandy lions and the arrival of the first big schools of striped bass in our bay!

Tight Lines, friends. Its going to be a great year!


Capt. Dave


*I just had two May dates open up and I have dates available for September and October 2016. We are booking Spring Blitz 2017 right now if you want to get in on it. Shoot me an e-mail or give me a buzz. baymencharters@gmail.com








Axe Dull

Here is one of my essays from my book, “A Sportsman’s Fireside Reader,” available at a future date. I will be posting others as we get closer to a publication.. – Capt. Dave

Axe Dull

By Capt. David Bitters

One of Rural Bitters’ most prized possessions is his ax. It was given to him a few years back by his father, Yankee Carl. One thing Yankee Carl always told Rural was that you don’t pay for something that grows for free. You cut your own wood. Chop it, split it, stack it, let it dry for a season. Rural was swinging away the other day in the woodpile and inadvertently struck some stones. Needless to say, he dulled his ax pretty bad. He hopped in his truck and took his ax to Vernon Stewart’s place over on Bay Ridge.
Vernon is the best around when it comes to repairing boat trailers, making sign posts, welding deer stands, fixing clam rakes, or sharpening an ax. When you walk into his shop, it’s like going back in time. Life is still lived pretty simply. The big cast iron “inferno” stove in the corner is crackling away and there is so much wood smoke, you’d swear the whole place is on fire. But it isn.t. It’s just they way things use to be. Vernon could always be found at the bench pounding away on something. He’d stop, turn around, flash you his North woods grin and hold you in a trance with his steel-blue eyes. He’d wait for you to make the next move…

“Ax dull”, said Rural, holding it up. Vernon thumped at the hearing aid battery in his shirt pocket and shouted back, “You want it now…?” “Yep”, came the reply. With that, Vernon snapped on his sharpening stone and went to work. Sparks shot into the air mixing with the wood smoke as he skillfully worked the piece of iron in his hands. A few minutes later he handed the ax back to Rural. “There now. It’s sharp enough to cut stones!” Vernon slapped his knee and had a good laugh. Rural blushed. He never mentioned anything about the stones. Vernon just knew.

“What do I owe ya?”, asked Rural. “One dollar”, said Vernon very seriously. Rural handed him a dollar bill and headed for the door. A stern warning bellowed out behind him: “Now don’t cut your leg off!”. Rural turned, took a 10 oz. bottle of coke from his coat pocket and set it on the stump by the door. Vernon flashed his North woods grin, steel blue eyes sparkling, and shouted a hardy, “Thank You!” Rural grinned, nodded, and headed back to his woodpile on the farm.

Happy New Year!

Greetings and Happy New Year from Baymen Guide Service, Inc.!

Hard to believe another year has passed and it is now January. One of the greatest things about 2016 is, it is The Election Year when the people of the United States of America vote in our new President. A BIG A-MEN to that and it can’t come fast enough!

Another great thing about 2016 is, I am trying to figure out how to purchase a new guide boat. The BAYMEN III is doing very well, but she is showing her age (character) and celebrates her 12th birthday this year. Same as my truck, and both are still going strong. But it would be nice…

For those of you interested in the personal side of things, you will be happy to know I finally got my gutters cleaned out and half my “lawn” raked. Monumental achievements for a Baymen who would rather be fishing or hunting than doing yard work. I am also working on finally getting my book published this winter. It has been sitting on my desk for far too long, and I am already working on a second book. I will keep you posted and hopefully have #1 published before the spring season gets here.


The 2016 season is nearly booked and we are starting our 2017 charter season bookings right now. Don’t delay if you want to fish the prime dates with me in 2017: May, June and September. Spring dates always go fast and fall trips almost as fast. August dates book slowest as that is our slowest time of year for fishing as a general rule. This past season (2015) was really good for fish numbers for both striped bass and blues. Size of keeper striped bass was on the small side and size of blues remained solid with some giants in the mix. I predict 2016 to be loaded with small to medium keeper striped bass and big blues once again. And I am thinking 2017 could be a BIG year for big bass inside our bay. The year classes look promising based on what we have been seeing. Time will tell…

So, for all of you that have already booked up your 2016 and 2017 charter dates, I can’t wait to fish with you again! And for all of you still on the fence – call or e-mail today and book a trip for the New Year. I would love to put you on the fish!

Tight Lines & Happy New Year. We are only about 12 weeks out from the spring trout season!


Capt. Dave


Season’s Greetings from Baymen Guide Service, Inc!

We have had a busy fall and are looking forward to the winter season! We have been busy with duck hunting (a few geese included), deer hunting, partridge and woodcock hunting, and even got in a bear hunt (no luck). As fall ends and winter begins, we will be wrapping up deer hunting the end of December and then start rabbit hunting with pup-pup in earnest January 1st. We are also looking forward to the ice fishing season. But with December temps in the 50’s and 60’s we may be waiting a while… No complaints! We won’t see a late fall/early winter like this one again for a long, long time. We will take it with a thankful heart (I still have not cleaned out my gutters and finished raking what passes for my lawn!).

But no worries. Its Christmas and we at Baymen Guide Service, Inc. celebrate the birthday of Jesus The Savior with friends, family and time spent in the great outdoors.

Here’s to wishing all of you, our customers, friends and future clients in Baymen Land, a wonderful Christmas and winter season!

Tight Lines & Good Hunting,

Capt. Dave

Best of luck to all the deer hunters in Baymen Land, for a safe and successful deer season!

Here at Baymen, we have scouted our locations in the pre-season and hope the big bucks are in our areas. The rut is in full swing this past week, and we are seeing lots of rubs and scrapes in the woods – always very exciting to find!

We will be staying warm with our Thermacell foot warmers and hand warmers. Pretty cool rechargeable technology that we are officially hooked on. They really work!

Looking forward to seeing some great deer pics in the weeks ahead and hearing some great deer stories.

Happy Hunting,

Capt. Dave

Greetings from Baymen Land!

We are about 60% booked for the 2016 season. Don’t wait any longer to lock in dates if you want to fish with BAYMEN for the spring, summer or fall striped bass and bluefish season in 2016.

Also, on January 1st, we start booking for the 2017 season. Prime dates will go quickly. Namely, the Spring blitz (May 15-June 20) and the fall run (last week of August through the first week of October).

Baymen Charters run 5+ hours and we average 15 fish per trip (much more at peak dates!). All tackle is provided. We fish fly, light tackle or bait – whatever way you like to fish. We guide on Plymouth bay, Massachusetts and are in our twenty-second year. A 50% deposit is required to lock in dates on the calendar. Balance is due the date of your trip. We guide 1-4 anglers max.

Don’t wait – call or e-mail for open dates and get a trip on the books with BAYMEN. We give you a great morning on the water that is second to none and we hook you up on lots of fish!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Dave

Just one more…

Had to share this photo of Mike Kiley with one of the giant blues we got into this past September on Brown’s Bank. Just an awesome fish on light tackle!

Great job, Mike!

Capt. Dave