60 Fish, 1 Keeper

On board today, I had repeat client, Chris Barry, and his friends, Carleton & Leslie, for light tackle striped bass.

At first light, the bay was dead-calm and stacked with fish! All my spots held fish today, a mix of micros, medium/large schoolies (a ton 27+” inches) and one small keeper. No birds to speak of, very little visible bait, but the sonar was lit up. Fish were on the bottom and one of the fish we caught and released still had a crab in its mouth! Pretty cool to see.

Top tackle today: rubber crank baits and topwater poppers. Fish were up on the flats in skinny water and also in the channels and the drop-offs. We fished about seven or eight of my spots and fish were in all of them, some held a bunch others only a few.

Total catch and release today was 60 fish, and 1 keeper that went home for dinner with the anglers. A lovely day on the bay with regular Chris Barry, and his two friends, their first time on my boat, and Leslie’s first time fishing striped bass. She caught the keeper!

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Capt. Dave
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116 Fish

On board today, I had new client, George Ferguson & crew, from Michigan, for fly & light tackle striped bass.

To say the bay was loaded with fish today would be an understatement. Small and medium-size striped bass to 27 3/4″ inches were stacked up in many of my spots and all my spots held fish. We had triple and quadruple hook-ups non-stop, pretty much all morning. One school of fish had some absolute cows holding on the bottom at slack tide and they would take nothing! Painful to set those drifs and not hook-up. But the non-stop action on the other fish was pretty amazing.

Top tackle today was rubber cranks baits for LT and an all white deciever for fly. George also fished my Baymen Universal Fly pattern tied with some extra long rooster hackles that gives it incredible movement when slowly stripped. We had several nice takes on the fly in skinny water and got to see the bass roll on the fly and suck it in. Pretty awesome!

Total catch and release today was an incredible one-hundred-sixteen (116) striped bass. That number will most likely stand for the rest of the season!

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Capt. Dave

POST NOTE: An interesting event on the bay this morning: USCG copters, boats, Harbormasters from Duxbury, Kingston and Plymouth, State Police and Plymouth Fire were all on the bay, around it and above it, doing a search and rescue mission for a missing kyaker. A boat report a lime-green yak with paddle adrift by Bug Light at 4:00am. The entire bay for 29 square miles was grid searched. The mission was called off after no person was found.

800,885 pounds

MA Comnercial Striped Bass Opens Monday, June 26th:


28 Fish on Fly

On board today, I had regular, Col. Richard “The Machine” Comstock, for fly fishing only striped bass.

At first light, a near flat-calm bay on a very low minus tide. The ramp was like scaling a cliff and I saw two people slip and tumble down it before my charter. Be careful on the Duxbury gangway ramp. It is almost always very slick on the low tides. (I dislocated my shoulder on it last September, and have had clients that needed medical attention after slipping on it).

Back to fishing. Richard and I headed out on the rising tide with about a dozen other boats and found fish right off. A couple of birds working overheard, a couple of fish breaking topwater, but most fish were on the flats or the channel drop-offs. Richard fished an all-white clouser made of saddle hackle. The bass slammed it


Almost all fish this morning were micros. I mean really small fish, with a couple exceptions. Richard landed a 27″ and a 26″. Everything else was very small, but lots of fun. At one point, we switched to a topwater popper and had some fun with the fish bringing them to the top for some wicked hits!

Total catch and release today was 27 fish. We cut the trip short (because it was all small fish) and did the next best thing: went out to breakfast at The Hop in Brant Rock! :o)

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Capt. Dave

42 Fish

On board today, I had repeat client, Rolando Jeter, for light tackle striped bass. You may recall Rolando has landed some pretty big fish with me over the years. On my homepage photo gallery, there is a photo of Rolando and I with a fish over forty inches that he landed on a bubblegum sluggo. Check it out!

Today, we were on the bay before sunrise but the bite did not start until the low tide began to come in. Lots of bass came into the bay with some bait. Not quite the numbers of fish we saw yesterday, but pretty close. Several boats fishing the bay with us today. Fish were on the flats, along the channel drop-offs, and in the rips in TWO SPOTS on the bay. The rest of the bay was void of fish!

Top lure was one of Rolando’s rubber crank baits he bought at Fore River Bait & Tackle. That little, weighted rubber bait accounted for almost all our fish. But we did land fish on the GT in pearl, and also 5″ rubber crankbaits and Baymen Jigs (in the deeper drop-offs). Nothing on poppers today. Go figure?

Total catch and release was 42 striped bass on light tackle, nearly three times our daily average. A great day on a nearly flat-calm bay!

Back at it tomorrow with “Fly Or Die” Richard ‘The Machine’ Comstock. No fish is safe!

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Capt. Dave
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67 Fish, 1 Keeper

On board today, I had repeat clients, Chris & Molly DeVillers for light tackle striped bass. Winds finally calmed down and the bay was nearly glass on a rising tide.

Right from the start, we had birds (!) working topwater breaking fish. Small and medium baits were spraying out of the water and it looked like what we typically see at the tail end of the spring blitz. Waves of small pods of bass kept coming into the bay and chasing bait. Most of the fish or at least a large portion of them were 27″ inch fish that will grow to 40″ inches in six years. Good stocks for the future…

The bass were hungry today and on the feed with water temps at 53 degrees. Sea lice on almost all the fish. Top tackle was a variety of topwater poppers, and rubber crank baits. Our biggest fish was taken on rubber.

Total catch and release today was a whopping 67 fish, and 1 nice dinner fish that went home with the anglers. All in all, a lovely day on the bay, lots of fish, and WEST winds were flat all morning. “Wind from the west, fishing the best.”


Capt. Dave
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Today we got blown out and could not drop in. SW winds have been cranking since the wee hours of the morning. Fog banks have not been an issue and are holding right along the beach and not coming out onto the bay. The ocean side does have some thick fog banks. Tomorrow looks like rain and T-storms and more SW wind.

I was recently telling a client of mine about a spring season several years ago, where the entire month blew NE non-stop, every single day! It took me two seasons to get caught up and back on a normal schedule. The 2017 season has not been that bad, but we have had more weather delays than I can remember in recent years. It goes with the business of fishing. We are always at the mercy of the wind and tides and inclement weather.

As soon as this pattern breaks, we will be back on the bay and into fish. This past weekend I was away, but got several reports of pogy and squid showing inside. That is good news and I hope that bait sits tight. Good things happen when the bay is filled up with bait!

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Capt. Dave

23 Fish


On board today, I had regular Billy Tedeschi and his lovely wife, Cheryle, for light tackle striped bass. My first time fishing with Billy & Cheryle together and they hammered the fish!

At first light, we had dead-calm seas and a dropping tide – a great tide to fish as the small rips around the bay start to set up and are visible (smoothe water going into choppy, darker water). We spent the morning working many of the little rips and also some very shallow structure in about three fow (rocks and sandbars and some eel grass beds). Just about every spot we hit held some fish. There was a nice mix today with micros mixed with fat schoolies up to 27″ inches. Bait is still sparce as are keeper bass, but a lot of pogies came in on the tide and I am hoping they stick around and bring in some big fish.

Cheryle’s learning curve today was steep as this was her first time into stripers with light tackle. With some light coaching from Billy and guidance by yours truly, she was on top of her game and bringing fish over the gunwale in no time. Some nice 27’s. Following yesterday’s success with poppers, we rigged out with poppers and rubber crankbaits again today. Most of our hits were on the light tackle poppers and a few came on 4″ and 5″ rubber cranks. I tried by Baymen Jig in some deep water, but no hook-ups.

Total catch and release today was 23 fish. A lovely morning on a rare flat-calm bay. How I wish all my trips were on seas as flat as today!

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Capt. Dave

44 Fish, 2 keepers

On board today, I had repeat clients Ken Hartshorn, Frank Harrington, and Frank’s sons Brian and Frank Jr. for light tackle striped bass.

At first light it was very flat and light NW wind on a half-tide dropping. We rigged out with topwater poppers, sub-surface rubber crankbaits and bottom Baymen Jigs. No topwater, very little bird action and no bait. So, we checked a few of my spots and decided to go all topwater again today and work the flats, drop-offs and structure. It proved very productive!

We found bass in about 70% of my spots today, but almost no bait. Some of my spots that produce big-time in mid June held no fish. Other spots that typically don’t hold fish this time of year, held fish. We moved around a lot today and set drift after drift. The winds began to freshen NNE and by the time we headed in it was all East. We had a lot of chases and swipes among the hook-ups on topwater poppers. The missed fish are what I call “East Winders.” They chase and swipe, but are hard to hook up. A rapid retrieve usually increases the hook-ups.

The excitement of using poppers is one of my favorite ways to fish when we can get the fish to come to the surface. The explosive hits always catch you off guard and watching stripers chase down and smack the tackle is great fun!

Total catch and relase today was 44 fish with 2 keepers that went home with the anglers. What a world-class fishery we have here on the Massachusetts coast.

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Capt. Dave
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23 Fish, 1 Keeper

On board today, I had regulars Chris & Molly DeVillers for light tackle striped bass.

At first light we had a half-tide dropping and a West wind. The key here is WEST wind. Our bay fishes best in a west and today that wind brought some fish into the bay. A lot of 27″ inch fish were inside on structure. No birds, no topwater, everything was on structure. Once in a while we would see a fish break. I would say 50% of my spots held a fish or two or more. We are still not marking bait and bass down below, so these fish are moving in singles and pairs and cruising the bay and then leaving (Sunday was a classic example. Fish all around and then Monday a near bust).

We have a cold front moving our way and temps will go from the 90’s back down into the high 60’s and 70’s. That will turn the bite on – as long as we don’t get the death kiss EAST winds again. I have a very, very hard time finding fish in an East wind, and if I do, they often don’t bite.

Total catch and release today was 23 fish, and 1 keeper. Poppers in the shallows was the top tecnhique today. It was sunny, light West and beautiful out there again today.

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Capt. Dave
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