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    Time to fill your doe tag….

    Baymen Guide Service, Inc. (781) 934-2838 www.baymencharters.com

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    Baymen Guide Service, Inc. offers guided deer hunts in  Southeastern Massachusetts. Bow hunts, shotgun hunts, as well as black powder hunts are available for zone 11 during the deer hunting seasons. For deer hunting regulations, consult www.masswildife.org . Whether you are new to deer hunting or a seasoned hunter, we would love to guide you on your next hunt. We do all the offseason scouting for you, post stands in the hottest areas that have the most deer sign, and use scents and calling techniques to increase your chances for taking a good deer. Baymen does not guide for trophy bucks. We guide for big-bodied deer. Please give us a call for more information and available dates for guided deer hunts in Massachusetts zone 11.

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    Baymen Guide Service, Inc. (781) 934-2838 baymencharters@gmail.com

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    Greetings from Capt. Dave & The Baymen…!


    NOVEMBER PROMO CONTINUES – Baymen is running our annual November early booking promo (in case you haven’t heard). Buy one charter at our regular season price, get a second one for half-price. You could also by two at the regular price and get a third trip for FREE! Striped Bass, Blues, Largemouth, Trout, Rabbit, Puddle Ducks, Bow Hunts For Deer… Whatever your interests, Baymen is offering the deals in November. or e-mail baymencharters@gmail.com  for more info or to book up some dates. Note: May 2012 is SOLD OUT for striper fishing. Also the first twelve days of June 2012 are SOLD OUT! Don’t even ask… But we have lots of other open dates. Call or e-mail for availability. All dates are first come, first served.


    RABBIT HUNTING – Baymen is running our pup, “Baymen’s Miss Daisy-Mae” again this season for rabbit hunts. Daisy is a tri-colored rabbit beagle from championship stock on both sides. She is a pure bread and has appeared on the the cover of The Rabbit Hunter Magazine three times and inside the magazine twice. Come enjoy an exciting morning of rabbit hunting, gunning over Daisy-Mae. She is a great rabbit hound.


    BOW HUNTS FOR DEER – We are logging the hours on stand, but so far no bucks. We have seen them many times on the trail cams, but not while on stand. If you are new to deer hunting, it is a waiting game of nature observation at its finest. You’ve got to be there, and the more time you put in, the greater your chances of getting your deer. Call or e-mail for more information on Baymen Bow Hunts. We will put you in a hot stand!


    DUCK HUNTS – Puddle duck hunts continue to be good to excellent. We have yet to get skunked this season and return most days with a brace of birds or better. Join Capt. Dave & The Baymen for an exciting canoe trip to our duck blinds for puddle ducks this season. We gun over decoys and do some excellent calling.

    That’s the word for today, November 7, 2012. The Rut is in full swing so watch for deer crossing roads daily, chasing does!

    Good Hunting,

    Capt. David Bitters, The Baymen

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    www.baymencharters.com (781) 934-2838 baymencharters@gmail.com

    Nothing Moving on Windy, Fall Morning

    Sat on stand this morning for six more hours. Very windy and nothing moving.

    A few pics of some deer below. Car/Deer collisions are up to eight in Duxbury. Drive carefully. The rut is on and deer are running wild.

    PRMS0010_2 PRMS0011_1

    PRMS0019 PRMS0004_3

    PRMS0029 PRMS0031

    Capt. Dave, The Baymen

    www.baymencharters.com (781) 934-2838 baymencharters@gmail.com

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    Six Hours This Morning…



    We put six hours in on stand this morning and never saw a deer. Yesterday, I had a buck on my trail cam at the same stand. Reminds me of the old guide sayings: “Should a been here yesterday….” OR “just after you left…” Many people around the South Shore called, e-mailed, or stopped me on the street to report deer sightings all over the place. I think I had nine sightings reported to me yesterday alone. Keep them coming!

    The rut is on, so deer could be seen just about anywhere at anytime now. Drive carefully – especially at dawn and dusk. Six deer have been hit around town by cars, recently. A few seasons back, we had an estimated seventy deer/auto collisions in out town alone. I say estimated, because a lot of people will hit a deer, and then floor it and get out of there as fast as possible. Why they do this instead of reporting the accident, I’m not sure.

    The November woods are beautiful this time of year and this morning, the stars were beyond belief… Just an amazing sight from a deer stand.

    Stay posted:

    Capt. Dave, The Baymen

    www.baymencharters.com (781) 934-2838 baymencharters@gmail.com

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    We just booked the last available dates for may 2012 and it is now sold out.

    June dates are  going fast to catch the tail end of the Spring Striper Blitz. Call quick if you want to lock in some dates under our November Promotion.

    Capt. Dave, The Baymen

    www.baymencharters.com (781) 934-2838 FB David Bitters baymencharters@gmail.com

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    EARLY BOOKING PROMO–Book Early, Save BIG for the 2012 Striped Bass Season!!!


    The Baymen Early Booking Promo kicks off November 1st. SAVE BIG on your striped bass charters for the 2012 season: Buy one charter at the regular season price, and get a second charter for HALF-PRICE! No limit on how many you can buy. Warning: dates go very, very fast for this promo.

    *You do not have to lock in dates to get the promo rate, but some people do. It’s your option. All dates are first come, first served.

    CONTACT INFO: e-mail me: baymencharters@gmail.com

    Call me at (781) 934-2838.

    PAYMENT – Full payment required at time of booking. You may pay by credit card or check.

    Thanks so much for your continued business !


    Capt. David Bitters, The Baymen



    big striper top-water light tackle

    May Bass






    John Soucy's 43






    Bass Pro Shops Dick Bowman

    Baymen Guide Service, Inc.

    Baymen Charters

    P.O. Box 366, Duxbury, MA 02331

    (781) 934-2838 www.baymencharters.com


    Find us on Facebook

    *Please include your phone number in all e-mail*

    *Now booking for Striped Bass 2012 – Fly, Light Tackle, Bait*


    *Call or e-mail Capt. Dave direct for more information about our guided trips on Massachusetts waters: baymencharters@gmail.com

    (781) 934-2838

    THE RUT has started on Massachusetts South Shore…!

    The RUT is ON in Baymen Land…. Stay posted:

    Capt. Dave, The Baymen

    www.baymencharters.com (781) 934-2838 baymencharters@gmail.com



    I guided Alex and Dan of Needham and Newton for waterfowl this morning on the Massachusetts coast, Central Zone. Decent flights at first light in a dense fog. Mostly wood ducks, a few blacks. Saw only two mallards all morning and no teal. It was beautiful out there and Alex and Dan took home six dinner birds. A great October morning on the water gunning waterfowl.

    IMG_9883 IMG_9879


    IMG_9888 IMG_9894


    Capt. Dave, The Baymen

    www.baymencharters.com (781) 934-2838 baymencharters@gmail.com

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    Want to hunt or fish with The Baymen? Shoot Capt. Dave an e-mail or give him a call.


    Please send all e-mail to baymencharters@gmail.com All other e-mail addresses for Baymen Guide Service, Inc. & Capt. Dave are no longer in use.


    Capt. Dave, The Baymen


    (781) 934-2838


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