Almost Spring….


Greetings from Capt. Dave & Baymen Guide Service, Inc.

Here we are in the home stretch, heading right into spring! Awesome, mild winter in Baymen Land and I am not complaining.

Remember last winter? Who could forget. Remember the blizzard a couple years back and we all lost power? The Baymen made a fire and slept in front of it for a week! How about the year it snowed every day and we all ran out of places to put the snow? Remember the big one in Baymen Land in 78′ ? How about the one on March 11, 1888??? You may gather that I stopped believing in Al’ great global warming thing about the time I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Al’s countdown clock has expired, his bank account is bulging, the earth is still here and I’m ready to start striper fishing! How about you?


The boat will be getting its annual shake-down in a few weeks (weather permitting), the new reels and rods and tackle are getting matched up, spooled up, and rigged out for the arrival of the first striped bass [late April] (remember that one, my fly fishing friend from CA?). I told him “no chance” but he he wanted to go anyway just to get out on the bay. We got into a three acre school of keeper striped bass on the fly, for three solid hours! God heard my prayers and I will never forget that late April 2012 morning on the bay…


Typically, we try to land our first schoolie of the season by April 15th – and we have done it or some other local angler has, as far back as I can remember. It is usually a little “rat” about 18″ inches or so. Just one fish for the first few weeks. Then two or three until about mid-May. Then – lookout! The blitz can start at any moment and it is game on right into October!


So, four more weeks of winter and then its over. Ahhhh… Spring! I am looking forward to daffodils, spring peepers, flocks or red-wing blackbirds, dandy lions and the arrival of the first big schools of striped bass in our bay!

Tight Lines, friends. Its going to be a great year!


Capt. Dave

*I just had two May dates open up and I have dates available for September and October 2016. We are booking Spring Blitz 2017 right now if you want to get in on it. Shoot me an e-mail or give me a buzz.









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