6 Fish, 1 Keeper

On board today, I had local angler Jay O’Neil. Jay and I fished together many years back and it was good to be back on the water with him again today.

The goal was to fish as many of my spots as time allowed, with light tackle: Poppers for topwater, rubber crankbaits for subsurface/depth, and Baymen Jigs for bottom fishing. The bay flat calm and we fished the outgoing tide and then fished the incoming. We worked drop-offs, the edge of flats, and weed beds. We also hit a few deeper holes with mini rips rolling over them. No fish anywhere.

We fished Jay’s 307 Grady and worked about dozen or more of my spots. We had top of the line sonar and my heart began to sink as we went from spot to spot to spot with zero bait and zero fish marked! It was flatlined almost the entire morning. In total, we marked maybe four fish, two of them giants. Bait and bass are almost non-existent inside the bay at the moment. Jay worked very, very hard over my spots and landed six fish and one keeper on light tackle.

Macks have been thick out front (yesterday) and I am guessing they are there again today. You may have some luck with live bait or whole dead drifted mack, but first you got to find some fish to offer them to.

All things equal, it was a lovely morning out there. Flat calm, sunny and hot summer-like weather, and we got to fish two tides. Now we wait and pray for bait to come into the bay, bringing the big schools of bass with them.

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Capt. Dave

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