55 Fish

On board today, regular Dick Bowman, for his last charter of the 2017 season with me. Like many of my regulars, he has already booked up his trips for 2018.

Today at first light, we found fish right off. Some birds working over the bait being driven to the surface by the bass, and some pods of fish with no birds working over them. We drove past breaking fish to go find breaking fish many times.

We fished Duxbury, Kingston and Plymouth today on the dropping tide. Tons of small fish with a few that taped out to 27″ inches plus, but no keeper bass boated. About 70% of my spots held fish, but most of the summer structure spots were quiet. The fish are in full migration mode now and the fish you see today are gone south on the next tide. Hopefully, more stripers are behind them up north and stop into our bay to feed on baitfish.

For tackle today, we fished 5″ and 4″ rubber cranks baits, Baymen Jigs in 1 oz, Super Spooks in bone color and also silver/black, Chug Bugs, Striper Swipers, Office Donkey, a several other plugs. All of them worked at various times.

As the tide bottomed and then turned and started back in, tons of small schoolies poured in with the tide to feed and continue South. No big fish inside today, though we did see four giant boils and also a couple bigger fish on sonar. But for the majority of fish, it was schoolie city for fish up to 27″+ inches.

A wonderful morning with flat-calm seas. 80 degrees when we came back in! Seals stacking up but no sign of Great Whites today. Good thing.

Back at it as the season winds down. I will be guiding about 25 more trips for the season then heading north for pa’tridge and woodcock.

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Capt. Dave
*Book your 2018 if you have not already done so. Dates are filling up*

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