47 Flushes

Our first week of hunting up north at Tranquillity on Woodcock Mountain was amazing! Autumn foliage was at it’s peak and the scenes, covers and scents were breathtaking. And the birds – lots of wild woodcock and ruffed grouse in my covers…

My good friend, Bill “Baymen” Moe joined me and Daisy-Mae for some great hunts. We focused on woodcock and pa’tridge (ruffed grouse) and also hunted a few snowshoe since we had the beagle along. Just about every cover we hunted held a bird or two. Our best day we had 14 flushes!

We hunted the early morning sunrise covers, took a break for coffee and pastry and then hunted the late morning. Some afternoons we skipped lunch and kept hunting, but we always enjoyed a great supper! A highlight for me is when we get to visit a local, working dairy farm and have a homecooked meal right at the farm.

We hunted a lot of covers in our first week. Our longest walk was seven miles. But most days, we could drive up to our covers and hunt a 1-3 mile walk. Terrain was hilly, rocky and mountainous! Lots of brush busting as well. And a few covers that actually looked like a David Maass painting.

Lots of drumming pa’tridge which is always so wonderful to hear. A true sound of the north woods and exciting to try and locate those birds! A memorable evening hunt near camp, for me on my last day was just amazing. The beagle was driving a snowshoe hare while a pa’tridge was drumming up on a ridge. At the same time, flocks of geese were migrating and honking high overhead, while the little brook I was hunting beside was making it’s lovely music. And then to top it all off, the beagle bumped a woodcock that went twittering up. Throw in the stunning fall scenery and the walk up the mountain back to camp, and it was just overwhelming beauty…

Well, the seasons are just getting going. We will be back at it soon. More reports to follow as hunting seasons continue.

Happy Hunting,

Capt. Dave

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