23 Fish


On board today, I had regular Billy Tedeschi and his lovely wife, Cheryle, for light tackle striped bass. My first time fishing with Billy & Cheryle together and they hammered the fish!

At first light, we had dead-calm seas and a dropping tide – a great tide to fish as the small rips around the bay start to set up and are visible (smoothe water going into choppy, darker water). We spent the morning working many of the little rips and also some very shallow structure in about three fow (rocks and sandbars and some eel grass beds). Just about every spot we hit held some fish. There was a nice mix today with micros mixed with fat schoolies up to 27″ inches. Bait is still sparce as are keeper bass, but a lot of pogies came in on the tide and I am hoping they stick around and bring in some big fish.

Cheryle’s learning curve today was steep as this was her first time into stripers with light tackle. With some light coaching from Billy and guidance by yours truly, she was on top of her game and bringing fish over the gunwale in no time. Some nice 27’s. Following yesterday’s success with poppers, we rigged out with poppers and rubber crankbaits again today. Most of our hits were on the light tackle poppers and a few came on 4″ and 5″ rubber cranks. I tried by Baymen Jig in some deep water, but no hook-ups.

Total catch and release today was 23 fish. A lovely morning on a rare flat-calm bay. How I wish all my trips were on seas as flat as today!

Back at it. Stay Posted:

Capt. Dave

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