23 Fish, 1 Keeper

On board today, I had regulars Chris & Molly DeVillers for light tackle striped bass.

At first light we had a half-tide dropping and a West wind. The key here is WEST wind. Our bay fishes best in a west and today that wind brought some fish into the bay. A lot of 27″ inch fish were inside on structure. No birds, no topwater, everything was on structure. Once in a while we would see a fish break. I would say 50% of my spots held a fish or two or more. We are still not marking bait and bass down below, so these fish are moving in singles and pairs and cruising the bay and then leaving (Sunday was a classic example. Fish all around and then Monday a near bust).

We have a cold front moving our way and temps will go from the 90’s back down into the high 60’s and 70’s. That will turn the bite on – as long as we don’t get the death kiss EAST winds again. I have a very, very hard time finding fish in an East wind, and if I do, they often don’t bite.

Total catch and release today was 23 fish, and 1 keeper. Poppers in the shallows was the top tecnhique today. It was sunny, light West and beautiful out there again today.

Back at it. Stay Posted:

Capt. Dave
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