12 Fish, 1 Keeper

On board today, I had Terry Tedeschi and his brother-in-law for light tackle striped bass. The bay was very calm, a lovely sunrise. Winds were light out of the NE, turning SE.

We fished Baymen Jigs, rubber crankbaits, and topwater poppers in about fifteen of my spots on the rising tide. No birds to speak of, and no topwater. In fact, no fish in any of my spots – except one! We drifted over the hotspot several times and picked up 9 fish. Then we began working around the bay in Dux,King and Ply. Not a single hit in any of my spots.

Back to the place we started, we picked up three more fish, including one keeper that hit a Baymen Jig. For a brief couple of minutes, we had bass busting topwater, chasing small minnows. But it was short lived and they did not rise again.

Total catch and relase today was twelve fish, all but one taken on rubber crankbaits. The NE storm two days ago and the continued easterly winds have kept the spring blitz to a trickle of its normal action. We had some big fish number days earlier, but this week has been very slow with mostly small fish.

So, we watch and wait for bait to come into the bay. We need big schools of bait to bring the bass inside with them. West winds or light southerly wind will bring this about. Once this easterly pattern leaves us, there will be a lot of fish in the bay again.

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Capt. Dave

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